Why is some beer kept in/served from a firkin in a bar?

What beverage is stored in a firkin?

A Firkin is simply a beer cask, but not just any beer cask. This playful sounding word refers to a specific size of beer cask, a 10.8-gallon cask (1/4) to be precise, and while this particular size is rather special, it’s not the only one with its own name.

What is a firkin for beer?

A firkin is a unit of measure equivalent to one quarter of a barrel, 72 pints, or 9 imperial gallons. Firkin is also the name for the type of keg that houses cask conditioned ale, or beer that has been naturally fermented and carbonated by its resident yeast.

Is a firkin a cask?

A Firkin is a cask used by British brewers for delivery of cask-conditioned beer to the pub. A firkin holds a quarter of a barrel (9 Imperial gal; 10.8 US gal, 41 l). A firkin was originally coopered from wooden staves bound with iron hoops, but is now more commonly made of stainless steel or aluminum.

What is the difference between keg beer and cask beer?

While casks were originally wooden, you’re now much more likely to see stainless steel varieties of any brewery containers. Casks have a curved shape designed to help any sediment settle at the bottom, while kegs are normally straighter with a single opening valve and an extractor or spear running through the middle.

How long does beer keep in a Polypin?

Once settled avoid moving or disturbing your polypin, and to ensure the freshness of your beer it is best consumed within 5 days of opening. In ideal storage conditions, a polypin can last 2 weeks unopened*. If the polypin has inflated, don’t worry, this just means you may need to vent it to release the excess gas.

What were firkins used for?

A “firkin” unit of measure is equal to one-quarter of a barrel, 72 pints or 8 gallons. In later use, besides being used for storing beer, firkins were used to hold sugar, salt and even fish and other staples. They come in various sizes and colors depending on the type of wood used.

What does a firkin look like?

Firkin. A Firkin, unlike a bucket or a pail, has its roots as a specific quantifiable English measure. A firkin, generally, is a liquid measure consisting of a quarter of a barrel or eight gallons. From the 16th century commodities such as ale and beer were commonly marketed using this measure.