Why does vermouth never age

Vermouth’s age is unknown because her history is largely unclear. We know she has lived as Chris who is 29, and as Sharon whose age is unknown. Her face when she killed Jodie’s father 20 years was youthful, suggesting she is currently at least 40 years old as long as no deaging has occurred.

Does the Black Organization know about Conan?

Vermouth is the only living Black Organization Member who knows that Ai Haibara is Shiho Miyano and Conan Edogawa is Shinichi Kudo. Akemi Miyano knew that Conan Edogawa was Shinichi Kudo. Pisco knew that Ai Haibara was Shiho Miyano.

Is kogoro mouri the boss of the Black Organization?

Renya Karasuma (in Japanese: 烏丸連耶) is the boss of the Black Organization, and the main antagonist of Detective Conan series.

Is Rei Furuya evil?

Personality. Rei Furuya is a cheerful and generous man, seemingly indulgent to the point of even bringing a plate of sandwiches to Mouri Detective Agency bought with his money. In more serious situations, he appears to be patient, calm and calculating.