Why do madeira have traditional dances

What are the reasons for traditional dance?

Folk dances are performed at weddings, engagement ceremonies, when sending young men off to perform their military service, at national and religious festivals, after victories, going to and coming back from from the high plateaus and at meetings such as ferfene, yaren talks, barana or sira gezmesi.

What is the Portuguese traditional dance called?

The vira is a traditional dance from Portugal.

What dances are popular in Portugal?

Some of the best examples of the regional dances are the vira, chula, corridinho, tirana and fandango, where couples perform a lively dance usually to a fast beat of hand-clapping, guitars and accordions.

Where did the Portuguese folk dance originate?


The Portuguese folk dance is a group dance that stemmed from the rural areas of Portugal. This is a performing art that combines traditional folk dance, folk songs and respective instruments.