Why did my cherry juice turn directly into vinegar while never being wine?

Does cherry juice ferment?

The cherry juice should be added to the water (or more if needed). Allow the mixture to ferment for 1-2 weeks in primary until the vigorous fermentation has slowed by capping it with a water lock.

Why did my wine turn to vinegar?

Any wine can turn to vinegar if oxygen gets inside the bottle and reacts with the alcohol. This happens when a cork is defective, of poor quality, or when wine is stored upright instead of on its side. The storage position is crucial because to keep out oxygen, a cork must remain wet.

How do you stop Acetobacter?

To prevent high volatile acidity levels (caused by Acetobacter), make sure all surfaces that the wine comes in contact with are sanitized. Also avoid barrels that have contained vinegar or wines with very high VA levels. Adding SO2 (sulfur dioxide) to the wine will inhibit the growth of this bacteria.

Does alcohol turn to vinegar?

To transform alcohol into vinegar, oxygen and a bacteria of the genus Acetobacter must be present for the second step to take place, acetic fermentation. These bacteria are found in all organic produce that contains sugar, such as fruits and plant roots.

Can cherries ferment into alcohol?

About the alcohol: Yes, the fermented cherries produce beverage-grade alcohol. To my taste, the alcohol level is about the same as you find in wine.