Where to buy harpoon dunkin beer

Who distributes Harpoon IPA?

Mass. Bay Brewing Disbands Harpoon Distributing, Sells Brand Rights to Burke Distributing | Brewbound.

Does harpoon Dunkin beer have caffeine?

Each bottle contains six percent ABV, 0.4 percent by volume of coffee and less than . 22 mg of caffeine per ounce, according to Chris Bonacci, VP of Marketing, Mass Bay Brewing Company.

What is Harpoon IPA?

Harpoon India Pale Ale was introduced as a summer seasonal in 1993, but is now available year-round. It is a copper colored, medium-bodied beer with a floral aroma and distinctive hop finish. Harpoon IPA was ranked over both domestic and imported IPA’s by Beer Connoisseur Magazine.

How strong is Harpoon IPA?


Who owns Harpoon beer?

2014: We Become Employee Owned!
Well, that could be because we actually DO own the place. In July 2014, Harpoon became an employee owned company, with 48% of the company given to employees through the establishment of an ESOP.

Is Harpoon A Boston beer?

Harpoon Brewery is an employee owned American brewery, with locations in Boston, Massachusetts, and Windsor, Vermont.

Who makes Dunkin Donuts beer?

Harpoon Brewery

Harpoon Brewery and Dunkin’ Craft Three New Beers for Fall | Dunkin’

Which is heavier Porter vs stout?

Today there are many different styles of Porters and Stouts, each with their own signature characteristics. But to put it simply, Porters are generally lighter in colour and alcohol than Stouts with a range of chocolate, coffee and caramel flavours, but without the burnt, roasty qualities usually reserved for Stouts.

Is there alcohol in Dunkin Donuts?

ABV: 5.2% Harpoon Dunkin’ Boston Kreme | This “Boston Kreme Stout” is brewed with real Dunkin’ donuts and cacao nibs, which add extra dough-like and chocolatey notes to an easy-drinking, creamy Dry Irish Stout. ABV: 4.3%

When did harpoon IPA come out?


Harpoon IPA was originally brewed in 1993 and was the first IPA brewed in New England during America’s craft beer revival – earning it the nickname of “New England’s Original IPA.” While most beer options back then were mass-produced pale lagers, Harpoon IPA was the first craft beer on the East Coast to put hops at the …

How long does harpoon IPA last?

In short, you have three weeks from the date of production for all the flavors to shine through.

How many calories in a harpoon IPA beer?

There are 170 calories in 1 bottle (12 oz) of Harpoon Brewery Harpoon IPA.

Where was Harpoon Brewery founded?

Boston waterfront

Beer lovers Dan Kenary and Rich Doyle founded the Harpoon Brewery in 1986 on the Boston waterfront. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts issued Harpoon Brewing Permit #001 because it was the first brewery to brew commercially in Boston in about twenty-five years.

What does UFO beer stand for?

UnFiltered Offering

Ready for Takeoff
UFO stood for UnFiltered Offering, because it had a unique cloudiness due to not filtering yeast out of the beer.

How does a harpoon work?

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