Where to buy gik wine

Is GIK wine sold in the US?

Clearly, though, the kerfuffle hasn’t stopped Gik from expanding. In April, pre-ordering became available for American customers, albeit without an official release date. Now, it’s officially bound for the Unites States. According to Eater, the wine will be available at stores in Miami, Boston, and Texas.

How Much Is blue wine in Spain?

The beverage is currently being sold in Spain but will be branching out other European countries throughout the summer and the U.S. in October — just in time for Halloween parties. It will sell for $16 a bottle, $5 more than the European price.

What does blue wine taste like?

Blue wine’s mild, sweet taste makes it best suited to the role of an aperitif or cocktail when dining. Blue wine is named for its electric blue color. Its creators were inspired by the marketing theory in Blue Ocean Strategy.

Is blue wine real?

Despite its artificial appearance, the wine’s strange hue is actually natural, created from anthocyanin, a pigment in grape skins, and a dye called indigotine which is extracted from plants. The founders worked with chemical engineers at the University of Basque Country to create the unique shade.

What wine comes in a cobalt blue bottle?

Claret/Bordeaux Wine

A standard bottle that serves its purpose, the 750 ml Cobalt Blue Claret/Bordeaux Wine Bottles are the most common bottle styles used today. These tall, straight-sided glass bottles have tall shoulders. They are suitable for a variety of wines from Merlot to Chardonnay.