Where to buy beer in magic kingdom

Can you walk around with beer at Magic Kingdom?

While you might want to explore this park with a cold beverage in hand, unlike the other Disney parks in Florida, you can’t walk around outside with alcohol at Magic Kingdom. What is this? Even though you can now buy alcohol in the park, you have to buy it with a meal in a restaurant!

Do they sell alcohol in Magic Kingdom Orlando?

The first thing to know is that you mostly can (mostly) only get alcohol at table service restaurants at Magic Kingdom. Table service restaurants typically require an advance dining reservation, and Magic Kingdom’s restaurants are among the most popular at Walt Disney World.

Can you walk around Magic Kingdom with alcohol?

In most of the theme parks at Disney World, you can walk around with alcohol in-hand. However, Magic Kingdom is the exception. In Magic Kingdom, your drinks will need to be enjoyed within the restaurant.

Is Magic Kingdom still a dry park?

At present, the Magic Kingdom is pretty much a dry zone: Alcohol is only served at Be Our Guest, the Beauty and the Beast-themed restaurant that’s only been open since 2012.

Can you buy beer in Disney?

Beer, wine, and spirits are readily available elsewhere at Walt Disney World. These items are sold in the gift shops of every Walt Disney World hotel, as well as at many of the restaurants at Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and at the water parks and Downtown Disney.

Can you BYOB to Disney?

Guests Can Bring Their Own Alcohol to Resort Hotels

Disney security will not allow outside alcoholic beverages into any of the theme parks or water parks.

Do they sell alcohol at Disney World?

Walt Disney’s World began selling alcoholic beverages at select Magic Kingdom locations to adults age 21+ in 2012. They added boozy drinks to the menus of the final 3 “dry” restaurants in 2018. The Club 33 installation at WDW’s Magic Kingdom, which opened in 2019, also sells alcoholic drinks.

How much is alcohol in Disney World?

How Much Are Alcoholic Drinks At Disney World? On average, a counter service restaurant’s regular drinks cost between $3 and $4. It is estimated that an alcoholic beverage costs between $8 and $10.