Where does ronaldo live in madeira

Madeira loves Ronaldo, and Ronaldo loves Madeira Both are true of Ronaldo, who owns a $9.7 million, seven-story mansion on Funchal’s harbour, where he spent a large chunk of the early months of the coronavirus pandemic with his partner, Georgina Rodriguez, and his four children.

Where is Ronaldo House located?

His home in Turin
When he signed for Juventus in 2018, Ronaldo purchased a secretive property in the outskirts of Turin. Not much is known about this property, although the player is believed to still own it, despite leaving Serie A after three seasons.

What part of Portugal does Ronaldo live in?

The affluent coastal region, centred on Cascais, Estoril and Sintra, is known as the Portuguese Riviera. Cristiano’s property empire also includes a seven-storey apartment block overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in the Madeiran capital Funchal which he purchased in 2019.

Is Ronaldo from Madeira?

Ronaldo was born in the São Pedro parish of Funchal, Madeira’s capital, and spent his formative years living in the nearby parish of Santo António with his parents, his older brother, and his two older sisters.

How many hotels do Ronaldo have?

In partnership with Dionisio Pestana, the head of the Pestana Hotel Group, Ronaldo currently owns two hotels: one in Funchal, his hometown on the island of Madeira, and another in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

Who owns Madeira Island?


Madeira Islands, Portuguese Arquipélago da Madeira, archipelago of volcanic origin in the North Atlantic Ocean, belonging to Portugal. It comprises two inhabited islands, Madeira and Porto Santo, and two uninhabited groups, the Desertas and the Selvagens.

Is Madeira a poor island?

Madeira is home for one of the poorest regions in all Europe. In this paradise tMadeira is home for one of the poorest regions in all Europe.

How safe is Madeira Portugal?

Overall, Madeira is a very safe destination for families, backpackers, adventurers, solo travelers and retirees. As long as you use your commonsense travel safety knowledge, you’ll have a great time enjoying the island known as the Pearl of the Atlantic.

Is Madeira closer to Portugal or Africa?

Indeed, the Madeira Islands are closer to the African Continent than to the European Continent itself: 700 km (434 miles) west of Morocco, Africa; 850 km (528 miles) southwest of mainland Portugal and the European mainland; 1000 km (621 miles) southwest of Lisbon, Portugal.

Which is better Algarve or Madeira?

Both the Algarve & Madeira are just as nice but in different ways. As mentioned previously, there are no real beaches in Madeira. If you want to sunbath and relax, I would choose the Algarve as you will have lovely beaches with a better chance of good sun bathing weather.

Is Madeira the Hawaii of Europe?

Honestly, Madeira is essentially the European version of Hawaii. It’s cheaper (WAY cheaper), closer and a lot less touristy. If you’re dreaming of Hawaii, I’d seriously consider Madeira. Stay anywhere other than the capital of Funchal and you’ll feel like you have the whole island to yourself.