Where can i buy otc wine crackers

Do they still make OTC wine crackers?

Prairy Wine Crackers are a great replacement for the popular, discontinued OTC Wine Cracker.

What kind of crackers is good for wine tasting?

Cheney recommends bland crackers (for example, water crackers) or bread (a plain baguette, nothing grainy), which “act like sponges, absorbing any lingering flavors.” Avoid anything flavored or overly salty—the point is to refresh the palate for each new wine.

What kind of crackers goes with wine and cheese?

As for the crackers to complement this wine and cheese combination, go for the plain unsalted crackers and breads. Since they are devoid of any salty taste, they never interfere with the sweetness of the wines.

How do I clear my palate for wine tasting?

Believe it or not, plain white bread or even french bread is considered the best way to cleanse your palate because of the simple, starchy flavor. It works wonders at absorbing the flavors from the previous wine. It is also very neutral and won’t leave any remnants in your mouth.