Where can i buy blue point blueberry ale

Who makes the best blueberry beer?

Best Blueberry Beer

  • Blue Point Blueberry Ale. 3.8 out of 5 stars. …
  • Atlantic Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale. Be the first to review. …
  • Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat. …
  • Cascade Brewing Blueberry Ale. …
  • Flying Fish Blueberry Braggot. …
  • Wachusett Blueberry. …
  • Woodstock Inn Lemon Blueberry Pale Ale. …
  • Lickinghole Creek The Source Blueberry IPA.

Does Budweiser own Blue Point?

On February 5, 2014, it was announced that Blue Point was being sold to Anheuser-Busch InBev for nearly $24 million.

Do they still make Wild Blue beer?

This beer is no longer being produced by the brewery.

Who bought Blue Point brewery?


Blue Point Brewing Co., founded in Patchogue in 1998, has been acquired by St. Louis-based Anheuser-Busch, which operates 13 other breweries and produces and distributes well-known beer brands Budweiser, Stella Artois and Beck’s, among others.

Who makes blueberry Ale?

Blueberry Ale Blue Point Brewing Company

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Is there blueberry beer?

New York- Fruit Beer- Blue Point fresh Blueberry Ale offers an unusual twist on brewing that turns out to be just perfect. A wonderful blend of fresh blueberries matched with a thirst quenching distinctive ale. 132 lbs of blueberries are added to each special batch.

Is Snap On and Blue Point the same?

Blue Point is a lower-end tool brand of Snap-On. They are made with the Snap-On specifications but different finish. Though Snap-On owns Blue Point, manufactures are contracted to make Blue Point tools. Blue Point tools do not have a Snap-On name on them.

Is Blue Point a craft beer?

Blue Point, founded by Mark Burford and Peter Cotter, was an independent craft brewery 22 years ago, gaining recognition for its first beer—the timeless Toasted Lager with its nutty richness from toasted malt. The beer is still excellent today.

Who is 10 Barrel owned by?


The owners of 10 Barrel, twin brothers Chris and Jeremy Cox and Garrett Wales, say Anheuser-Busch was already handling their distribution.

What kind of beer is Sweetwater Blue?

wheat ale

A unique light bodied wheat ale enhanced with a hint of fresh blueberries! The euphoric experience begins with an appealing blueberry aroma – take a good whiff and you’ll know. The taste is extremely subtle and finishes extra clean.

What is wild blueberry?

Wild blueberries are smaller in size than regular blueberries, more compact, and have less water content. This means that you get more wild blueberries per pound than regular blueberries. More flavor. Wild blueberries have a more intense, sweet, and tangy flavor compared to regular blueberries.

What kind of beer is Wild Blue?

blueberry lager

Product description. Wild Blue is a blueberry lager that fuses the juice of nature’s perfect fruit – blueberries – with premium American and German hops, two row and six-row barley malt and cereal grains. Pairs well with fresh/mild cheeses and fruit.

What does Blueberry Ale taste like?

Blueberry Ale is a crisp golden ale with just a hint of blueberry flavor, and a mild hops finish.

Does Blue Moon have blueberries in it?

A fruity, lightly tart refreshing wheat beer with blueberries. Brewed with real pumpkin and the right amount of harvest spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice.

Who makes blueberry wheat beer?

Details. A dry and fruity wheat beer with the perfect amount of mellow blueberry flavor. EBC has been brewing this beer for over 10+ years as it continues to grow in popularity — even internationally.

How many calories are in a Ellicottville Blueberry beer?


Servings : Oz: Total Calories Derived From Source: 140. Total Calories Derived From Fat: 0.5. Category: Craft.

How do you make blueberry beer?

Quote from video: Hopefully it works anyway we're gonna what's a primary fermentation is complete we're gonna rack into a secondary fermenter and Racquet on top of the actual blueberry puree.