When was kiana madeira born

What is Kiana Madeira real name?

Her parents embraced her and signed the agent, when she was 10 years old. Her full name Kiana Alexa Madeira and nick name Kiana.

Is Kiana Madeira a Portuguese?

She is of Portuguese descent on one side and of Irish, First Nations, and Black Canadian descent on the other.

How old is Kiana Honkai?

2 years old

Despite being 2 years old, Kiana is also able to speak a few words such as “Aunt Teri” and “Neko Charm” and knows their meaning.

What is Kiana Madeira pronouns?

(Their preferred pronouns are they/them/theirs.) However, they’ve also explained that on Trinkets, their character Tabitha is “a cisgender young femme.” You can follow Swindell on Instagram.