What’s name of the cognac in the below Armenian photo?

Why is Armenian brandy called Cognac?

Cognac is a variety of brandy named for the area where it is made, in southwestern France. EU brandy makers outside the Cognac region are forbidden by law from using the term “cognac.” Armenians first began producing brandy at scale in 1887, using methods copied from French distillers.

What is Armenian brandy?

The drink of Russian czars, Armenian Brandy is made from grapes that are then double-distilled in oak casks—much like its Cognac cousin. But don’t call it a Cognac, lest your raise the ire of the appellation d’origine. Try before you buy.

Who makes Armenian soul Cognac?

Salvation for YBC—which remains the leading producer of Armenian brandy today—would come with controversy. In 1994 the French liquor corporation Pernod-Ricard acquired the ailing brand for $30 million ($52 million in today’s money).

Is Armenian brandy good?

In 1900 at the Universal Expo of Paris, an Armenian brandy was awarded a Grand-Prix as the best brandy in a blind judging. The judges were so impressed that they allowed the company to sell its product in France as Armenian Cognac.

Which Armenian Cognac is the best?

The best known brands of Armenian brandy are A.K.Z., Ararat and Noy (with the latter both being part of YBC).