What wine would i like

Does Venti drink wine?

In most fanarts, Venti has the wine on his hands or he is drinking it. This ship is overall small due to the fact most cargo ships in the fandom aren’t popular. Although this gained some attentions due to the fact because of the Archon Quest and Story Quests.

What is Venti’s favorite drink?

The correct answer to this question is “Apple.” Venti’s love for wine and apples has previously been revealed in the lore of Genshin Impact.

Does Venti drink alot?

Due to residing in a vessel manifested through his Archon powers, Venti has a large amount of alcohol tolerance; he drinks at least 37 glasses of wine to no ill effect. However, it didn’t prevent him from being allergic to cats.

How old is Venti from Genshin?

#2 – Venti: 15 years (human form), 2600+ years (Archon form) Venti may look like a young boy in his human form, but he is aged initially at around 2600 plus years.

Why is Venti so popular?

Venti is far and away one of Genshin Impact’s most popular characters. He’s canonically very powerful (a god, some might say), he has insanely Elemental Skills, and his design is just so memorable. So, it makes sense that the fanbase is desperately pleading with Mihoyo to bring this 5-Star character’s banner back.

Does Venti have a crush?

Venti has a Crush on Aether – Genshin Impact Comic Dub.

Who is Venti good with?

Diona. The cat-eared bartender of the Cat’s Tail actually makes for a very good healer for Venti. Diona offers one benefit that only one other healer provides, in that she creates a shield with her elemental skill.

Is Venti overrated?

Multiple Genshin Impact players chose Venti as the most overrated character, citing that they like Sucrose more. Other players quickly pointed out how insane Venti is as a Utility character, stating that he is a win-the-game button.

Why you should pull for Venti?

Since its release, Venti has boasted some of the game’s best crowd control, allowing players to take down multiple enemies at once. This ability becomes especially valuable in areas like the Spiral Abyss, where clumping up enemies can make defeating them incredibly easy.

Which is better Venti or Ayato?

If you are a new player with not many units to build upon, Ayato will allow you to form more teams and take the lead as a main DPS. Venti works incredibly well as a support unit. However, it’s hard to form a team with him as the centerpiece.

Should I wish for Kamisato Ayato?

Kamisato Ayaka
If you are, you should definitely consider wishing for Ayaka. However, if you are a fan of Ganyu over Ayaka, you should wait for another Ganyu rerun instead.