What temperature to store white wine

Whether you use a wine cellar, a wine cooler, or a wine refrigerator, the degree spectrum typically stays the same. Generally, if you’re storing wines for any length of time, keep both red and white wines at 55° F, but it all really depends on the varietal.

What temperature should white wine be stored at in a wine fridge?

That’s why, while reds and whites are served at different temperatures, 55°F is the perfect wine temperature for storage for both types of wine. Wine storage temperature isn’t an exact science. So, regardless if you’re storing reds or whites, don’t sweat it too much if you’re a few degrees above or below 55°F.

Should white wine be stored chilled?

Keeping white wine, rosé wine, and sparkling wine chilled punctuates their delicate aromas, crisp flavors, and acidity. Fuller-bodied whites like oaked Chardonnay are best when served between 50-60 degrees, which brings out their rich textures. Dessert wines also are great in this temperature range.

What is the best temp for wine fridge?

between 45° F and 65° F

The ideal temperature range is between 45° F and 65° F (and 55° F is often cited as close to perfect), though this isn’t an exact science. Don’t fret too much if your storage runs a couple degrees warmer, as long as you’re opening the bottles within a few years from their release.

What is the ideal temperature for a wine cellar?

55°F to 57°F

Ideal temperature for wine storage is 55°F to 57°F (12°C to 14°C) with an average 60% relative humidity.

Is wine better cold or room temp?

Lighter wines benefit from being colder (though not days-in-the-refrigerator cold), while heavier wines should be just cooler than room temperature.

Should unopened wine be refrigerated?

The refrigerator is the best place to store unopened wine with a natural cork. “When it comes to storing wine, the most important thing is to keep the wine in contact with the cork,” Morey says. Wine that hasn’t been opened need to be kept away from the motor in the fridge, which can cause a lot of vibrations.