What stores carry madeira thread

Is Madeira thread good quality?

Buying a high quality embroidery thread doesn’t mean spending a lot of money, Madeira thread is very affordable at only a few dollars a spool. We consider Madeira to be one of the best thread brands available, why buy another brand and chance poor embroidery quality.

What is Madeira thread used for?

The soft finish of Classic Rayon embroidery thread makes it ideal for embroidering on children’s clothing, delicate fabrics like performance wear, and more! It is the most eco-friendly thread available, made from 100% viscose rayon and is Oeko-Tex® certified to be free from harmful substances.

How many Madeira thread colors are there?

60 weight thread

Available in 85 colours indicated by a blue dot on the shadecard.

Where is Madeira thread manufactured?


Since 1975, the Madeira brand has stood for exquisite embroidery and has gained global recognition. Nowadays, approximately 70% of the threads sold are produced at the headquarters in Germany, using modern and sustainable technologies.

What is the best thread for machine embroidery?

Embroidery Rayon Thread:

Rayon is the most popular variety because of its colors, durability, low cost, and adaptability. Rayon is available in various sizes on the market and is also the best for machine embroidery push and pull. Rayon is offered in two weights: regular (40wt) and thicker (30wt).

What is Madeira embroidery?

Madeira embroidery (or Madeira work) is a type of fine whitework embroidery and cutwork lace, which is very similar to broderie anglaise. It may thus also be classed as a form of embroidered lace. This type of work was developed by Bella Phelps, who introduced this form of embroidery to Britain from the 1840’s.

Where is gunold thread made?

Unlike other wholesale embroidery suppliers, we have direct interaction with the thread manufacturing process in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, where we oversee that our quality standards of color and durability are consistently met.

Is Madeira a country?

The capital of Madeira is Funchal, which is located on the main island’s south coast.

Anthem: Hino da Região Autónoma da Madeira (“Anthem of the Autonomous Region of Madeira”) 1:43
Location of Madeira
Sovereign state Portugal

What weight is Aerofil Madeira thread?

For general sewing and quilt piecing, Madeira Aerofil 40 weight or Cotona 50 weight are perfect choices for these types of projects.

What is Floriani embroidery thread made of?


The Floriani Premium Metallic Threads are created with a very strong inter core made of polyester. Floriani Mixed Rayon Thread combines two colors, twisted into one.

Is Floriani embroidery thread good?

Floriani is the BEST thread I have ever used!!!!!!!!! My goal is to collect ALL the colors and I truly LOVE the metallics they are so awesome to work with on my Brother machine. This is by far the best embroidery thread I have used in my life. The colors are vibrant and the thread fills in fully.

Where is Glide thread made?

in USA

Glide™ is stronger than comparable threads on the market and with fewer thread breaks, this thread quilts like a dream. Glide™ runs virtually lint-free through your machine’s needle and tensioners. The cones hold 5000m of thread, that is 5468 yards! Made in USA.

What is the best thread for Longarm Quilting?

A 40 or 50wt cotton quilting thread is probably one of the most common and widely used options for longarm quilting. One of the perks of cotton thread is that is carries no stretch to it, making it easy to sew with.

What size needle should I use with glide thread?

Quote from video: Yeah a sharp 4.0 sharp or size 18 either one of those it's kind of what we recommend.