What is scotch aged in

All Scotch whisky must be aged in oak barrels for at least three years. Any age statement on a bottle of Scotch whisky, expressed in numerical form, must reflect the age of the youngest whisky used to produce that product.

What kind of barrel is Scotch aged in?

Whisky is aged in oak barrels. Once it makes it into a bottle, the aging stops and the spirits flavor and aroma profile is captured.

Is Scotch aged in charred barrels?

“Straight” whiskey in the United States must be aged a minimum of two years in a new, charred barrel; malt scotch has to be aged at least three years, and usually in bourbon barrels imported from the States (though sometimes in European oak casks).

Is Scotch really aged for 12 years?

Why Is Whisky Aged For 12 Years? It must be matured for at least three years before it can be sold. The bottle of Scotch whisky will show an age statement, for example. The “12 Years Old” label indicates that at least 12 years have passed since the whisky in the bottle was distilled.

Does Scotch have to be aged in oak?

To be legally defined as a Scotch, the spirit must have been aged in oak casks for a minimum of three years. But the type of casks is up to interpretation, and it’s a serious decision on the part of any distiller. It’s not an understatement to say that a Scotch’s flavor is dependent on the casks it’s aged in.

What kind of wood is Scotch aged?


Oak is the most commonly used wood not just in Scotch whisky and American bourbon, but also the wine industry. “Because of its primary role, aging in oak is often seen as the one true bellwether of quality,” Shane Armstrong, Westland Distillery blender, says.

What is Scotch stored in?

Unlike beer, which is usually bottled in dark brown bottles, Scotch is generally stored in lighter colored bottles, usually clear, to show of its amazing radiant color. Beer is stored in dark bottles to protect it from light, which changes the chemical composition of hops.

Why Jack Daniels is not a bourbon?

The ingredients and distillation process used to make Jack Daniels fulfil all of the requirements necessary for it to be considered an American bourbon whiskey — yet it is not called a bourbon. The reason it is not called a bourbon is the additional step that Jack Daniels take when making their whiskey.

Does Jack Daniels Char their barrels?

Jack Daniel Cooperage is one of the few facilities that toasts its barrels before charring. In the charring process, red-hot flames lash at the wood for a matter of seconds.