What is gallo extra dry vermouth

Winemaker Notes: Gallo Dry Vermouth is a crisp fortified wine. A sweet wine nose with a citrus kick leads to a clean refreshing palate that compliments any dry martini. This dry white Vermouth from Gallo tastes best when shaken into your favorite classic cocktail.

What is the difference between dry vermouth and extra dry vermouth?

Extra-Dry uses only clairette wine while Original Dry uses a combintation of clairette and picpoul. This is because clairette oxidizes less. Extra-Dry uses less of the sweet mistelle wine, so it is, in fact, drier. Both Original Dry and Extra-Dry use the same 20 herbs and spices, but in different ratios.

What is vermouth Gallo?

Bottle. Gallo Sweet Vermouth has various herbs, spices, fruit peels, roots and flower notes. This mixture is then combined with spirits to fortify it. It can be used in a multitude of cocktails and also for cooking.

Is extra dry vermouth alcohol?

About Gallo Extra Dry

Gallo Extra Dry is a vermouth other from United States. It has an ABV (alcohol-by-volume) percentage of 16%, or said another way, Gallo Extra Dry is 32 proof.

Is Gallo Vermouth a wine?

A blend of sweet wines and herbs combine to create this lightly sweet aperitif. Please be aware that price, vintage and availability are subject to change.

What kind of wine is Gallo sweet vermouth?

Fortified wines are a category that have had distilled spirits added to them during the winemaking process. These include popular dessert wines such as vermouth, sherry, and port.