What goes good with ginger ale

The Top 5 Cocktails You Can Make with Ginger Ale

  • Whiskey and ginger ale. As the name implies, this easy cocktail is a simple mix of whiskey and ginger ale—well, that and some ice. …
  • Pimm’s cup (a ginger ale cocktail with gin) …
  • Vodka Ginger ale. …
  • El diablo (a ginger ale cocktail with tequila) …
  • Dark and Stormy.

What does ginger ale taste good with?

These classic drinks pair it with whiskey, vodka, beer and more. It’s bubbly, it’s sweet, and it makes any cocktail taste better: it’s ginger ale! Ginger ale is a carbonated drink flavored with ginger that was invented in the 1850’s.

What can you use ginger ale for?

It’s been used to aid digestion, reduce nausea, and help fight the flu and common cold, to name a few of its purposes. The unique fragrance and flavor of ginger come from its natural oils, the most important of which is gingerol.

What whiskey goes with ginger ale?

The best whiskey for a Whiskey Ginger

Rye: The most common choice for a Whiskey Ginger! The spicy and peppery notes of rye are a good complement to the subtle sweetness of ginger ale. Bourbon: Bourbon has a sweeter flavor than other styles of whiskey, with notes of vanilla, oak and caramel.

Is vodka good with ginger ale?

In fact, some of the best drinks are just two ingredients. Such is the case with Vodka and Ginger Ale! Mix vodka with a little bubbly ginger ale and it’s pretty fantastic: no need for buying fancy liqueurs required. Here’s how to make this tasty and refreshing highball drink!

Does cranberry juice taste good with ginger ale?

Cranberry Ginger Ale Punch is a beautiful holiday punch that comes together in no time. And you can keep it kid-friendly or serve it with rum or vodka.

Is ginger ale and tequila good?

Tequila and ginger ale is a surprisingly delicious combination. Especially with lime and salt. Think of this as the ginger-lover’s margarita.

Is ginger ale good for weight loss?

It is not advisable to drink ginger beer or ginger ale for weight loss. These drinks usually contain high amounts of added sugar. However, drinking or making ginger kombucha or kefir without added sugar may be beneficial. These drinks contain natural probiotic bacteria.

Is ginger ale good for your stomach?

Does it ease nausea? Ginger is often marketed as a natural way to reduce nausea or calm an upset stomach. In fact, its ability to alleviate nausea and vomiting is its best-supported use ( 2 ). Some studies have found that the spice may be as effective as some anti-nausea medications with fewer side effects ( 3 , 4 ).