What exactly is an XPA?

XPA beer stands for Extra Pale Ale. XPA beers are not quite in the same category as India Pale Ales (IPA) and American Pale Ales (APA). XPA’s are often rich in flavour and contain a lot of hops. They are not very strong in alcohol, usually only around 4-5%.

What defines an XPA?

What’s an XPA? XPA stands for extra pale ale and is recognised for being extra pale and extra hoppy. Pretty simple really.

What makes a beer an XPA?

An XPA (Extra Pale Ale) is a recent US style that sits somewhat in the no mans land between an American Pale Ale and an India Pale Ale. This style is a hop forward beer and generally ‘bigger’ than an APA but ‘gentler’ than an IPA.

Whats the difference between Pale Ale and XPA?

Described as an American adaptation of English pale ale, XPA is generally lighter in colour than English pale ale and has less caramel flavours. The nose for XPA is usually a moderate to strong hop aroma with citrusy hop characters a very common feature.

How do you make an XPA?

Place the strained liquid onto the stovetop, add half of the Light Dry Malt and stir to dissolve. Bring to the boil, add 25g Simcoe and 12.5g Lemondrop hops and boil for 15 minutes and then remove from the heat. Cool the liquid by placing the pot in a bath of cold water for about 15 minutes.

Is XPA or IPA stronger?

XPA beers are usually not as fruity as American IPAs though, but it varies between beers. XPA beers fill a niche in the market. They are more hoppy than English-style IPAs, and they tend to be stronger.