What airport is close to madeira beach florida

What airport do you fly into for Madeira Beach Florida?

St. Petersburg

The nearest airport to Madeira Beach is St. Petersburg (PIE) Airport which is 10 miles away. Other nearby airports include Tampa (TPA) (20.4 miles), Sarasota/Bradenton (SRQ) (32.2 miles), Orlando (MCO) (101.3 miles) and Ft. Myers (RSW) (109.3 miles).

What city is Madeira Beach close to?

Today, Madeira Beach, a Gulf of Mexico beach city just west of St. Petersburg, is best known for the sea-themed John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk, which serves up shops and eateries and a 1,100-foot boardwalk along the Intracoastal.

Is Madeira Beach a nice area?

A few miles to the west, Madeira Beach came in at No. 9 in the United States. “Very nice, flat beaches. The beach is very clean — we even saw a beach Zamboni used to groom it each morning.

How far is Madeira Beach from Disney?

99 miles

Yes, the driving distance between Madeira Beach to Walt Disney World is 99 miles. It takes approximately 1h 49m to drive from Madeira Beach to Walt Disney World.

Is the water clear at Madeira Beach?

White sand, warm clear water.

Is Madeira Beach or Treasure Island better?

They are both nice. The beach is beautiful at treasure island, but too long of a walk to get to the water. I would suggest either Madeira Beach or St Pete Beach, which is on the opposite side of Treasure Island. The beach is extremely wide in TI like others mentioned, and that is a big turn off.

Is Madeira Beach private?

Pinellas County, Florida, Park and Conservation Resources – Madeira Beach Access. 14400 Gulf Blvd. Acquired on October 4, 1978, its 1.5 acres offer 450 feet of beach on the Gulf of Mexico. This park was officially opened to the public on May 26, 1983.

Can you swim in Madeira Beach?

Once again Madeira Island provides good water quality and clean sea waters by the blue flag that stands on this beach. Normally, in the summer, the average water temperature is 21ºC, which allows you to swim for a long while.

Does Madeira Beach have white sand beaches?

“The beach was spotless, the sand is the beautiful white sand the gulf coast is known for and the water was warm and clean.”

Is it safe to swim in Madeira Beach?

Safety at the Beach

There are no lifeguards on duty at our beaches. Heed the sign on South Beach near John’s Pass Bridge concerning the undertow. Usually, during the summer months, stingrays come close to shore. Shuffle your feet when wading in shallow water to avoid stepping on one and getting a painful sting.

Is Madeira Beach Rocky?

In Madeira most of the volcanic beaches are rocky or have large pebbles. The largest with pebbles is Praia Formosa in the western suburbs of Funchal with free parking. But, one finds also other areas with natural beaches, which have more and more grey sand and less pebbles removed by the tides.

Is alcohol allowed on Madeira Beach?

Madeira Beach – Alcohol beverages are allowed but not in glass containers. St. Pete Beach – Alcohol beverages are allowed on the sand at beachfront hotels, but this is limited to hotel guests. Treasure Island – Alcohol beverages are allowed but not in glass containers.

What is the sand like at Madeira Beach?

The natural sandy beach of Seixal port, on the north coast of the island, is one of the most photographed beaches in Madeira, thanks to its unique scenery. Its beautiful, thin black sand is softened by the gleaming green of the surrounding mountains.

Is Madeira Beach Florida a good place to live?

Madeira Beach is a fun and beautiful place to live or visit! It has an amazing shoreline with soft, white sand and breathtaking sunsets. Its shopping, restaurants, coffee shops, fishing charters and other water activities at Johns Pass guarantee everyone will find something they enjoy! Outdoor life style is excellent.

How far is Treasure Island from Madeira Beach FL?

3 miles

The distance between Treasure Island and Madeira Beach is 3 miles.

Does Treasure Island have clear water?

Treasure Island, located along the Gulf of Mexico, boasts white sandy beaches, pristine waters, welcoming hotels, unique restaurants and family-friendly attractions make it the perfect destination for your next vacation.

What is Treasure Island known for?

Treasure Island, Florida, is known for its beautiful, sandy beaches and a thriving tourist economy. People flock to Treasure Island to relax on the sand or go boating in the Gulf of Mexico. The city is situated on a barrier island just off the southwestern tip of the Pinellas Peninsula.