Tripel beers on tap

What makes a beer a tripel?

Tripel is a beer full of ester aromas and flavors—those passion fruit, tropical, and honey-like aromas mentioned earlier—so much so that the esters primarily define the style. Tripels are also not three times anything. Confusing that fact, there is another Belgian style of beer called a dubbel.

What type of beer is a tripel?

strong pale ale

Tripel is a term used by brewers mainly in the Low Countries, some other European countries, and the U.S. to describe a strong pale ale, loosely in the style of Westmalle Tripel. The origin of the term is unknown, though the main theory is that it indicates strength in some way.

How do you drink a tripel?

The beers are highly carbonated compared to most American ales. They are surprisingly easy to drink yet push 9.5% ABV; a dangerous combination, indeed. Tripels are best warmed to at least 50 degrees. Never serve one fresh out of the fridge.

What hops for Belgian Tripel?

Tripels are mainly brewed with European hops such as Styrian Golding, Tettnang, or Saaz. American substitutes are also great choices like Sterling, Mt. Hood, or Willamette. Bitterness should be balanced, which is about 35 to 40 IBU given the hefty gravity of this beer style.

Why is tripel called tripel?

The name tripel was generally used for the strongest beer in a monastery’s repertoire. The story goes that barrels were traditionally marked with X’s to signify strength, so three X’s would be for that abbey’s tripel. Generally, a lineup of Trappist beers would consist of a few styles: a singel, a dubbel, and a tripel.