Timing for Rum infusions

Short – A short infusion takes up to 24 hours to allow the flavours to develop. Long – This can take anywhere from one day to a few weeks to allow the ingredients to fully infuse through the rum.

How long does it take to infuse fruit with alcohol?

Most basic fruit infusions are ready in 2 to 4 days, but some combinations improve over the course of weeks.

Do alcohol infusions need to be refrigerated?

Room temperature is fine for most things, but if you’re concerned (or just like cold beverages), keep your homemade infusion in the fridge.

How do you infuse alcohol fast?

A different approach to rapid—or semi-rapid—infusion uses the controlled heat of a sous vide bath to speed the process. The general technique is to set an immersion circulator in a water bath for no higher than 77.5°C (171.5°F), combine the ingredients in a Ziploc bag, evacuate the air, seal the bag, and submerge it.

How do you infuse alcohol into flavor?

How to Infuse Alcohol

  1. Choose a clean, airtight jar. …
  2. Wash the ingredients, cut them if needed, place them inside the jar, and fill it with liquor.
  3. Seal tightly with a lid and shake the jar.
  4. Store your infusion in a cool, dark place and shake it daily for the duration of the infusion.

How long does infused liquor last?

3 to 5 days

The ideal duration for most infusions is 3 to 5 days. Using fresh fruit won’t result in anything going bad – even if it’s still fresh. It will never mold as long as you keep it in alcohol, so it can be kept for years after you strain it.

How do you make fruit infused rum?

In a 2-quart glass jar with a lid, combine pineapple, ginger, and rum. Refrigerate 1 to 2 weeks, gently shaking jar each day, until rum is flavored to taste. Strain rum through a fine-mesh sieve into an airtight glass container and refrigerate, up to 2 months.

How long does homemade liqueur last?

The liqueurs will have the best flavor after a few months of sitting on the shelf (aging). They will begin to lose their bright color and some flavor after one year but they will not “go bad” because the alcohol is the preservative. I usually have no problem using them up within one year.

How do you infuse herbs with alcohol?

To make a basic alcohol or vinegar tincture:

  1. Place 4 ounces by weight of dried chopped or ground herbs (twice as much for fresh) into a glass jar with lid that can be tightly closed.
  2. Pour 1 pint of 30% (60 proof) vodka on the herbs, close the container tightly.
  3. Label with contents and date.