St louis cardinals red is what madeira thread color?

What color is St Louis Cardinal Blue?

St. Louis Cardinals color codes: RGB, CMYK, Pantone, Hex

Midnight Navy Blue Hex color: #22205f
RGB: 34 32 95
CMYK: 100 64 0 60
Pantone: PMS 289 C

What is the 45 patch on Cardinals uniform?

Honors. Bob Gibson’s number 45 was retired by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1975. Gibson’s jersey number 45 was retired by the St.

Are Cardinals only red?

Male cardinals are brilliant red all over, with a reddish bill and black face immediately around the bill. Females are pale brown overall with warm reddish tinges in the wings, tail, and crest. They have the same black face and red-orange bill.

Is Cardinal red like maroon?

Cardinal red is darker than primary red but not quite as dark as the shades associated with “dark red” such as burgundy, maroon, and crimson. The color is named after the well-known bird and it is a great red to wear if you like true red but primary red fashions make you feel a little too much like a fireman.

Is Cardinal red a dark red?

Cardinal red, also called cardinal, is a vivid red, which gets its name from the cassocks worn by cardinals. The family of birds takes its name from the color.