Red electra wine where to buy

What kind of wine is red Electra?

Critic Ratings

Winery Quady Electra Moscato
Grape Varietal Red Moscato
Size 750 ML
ABV 5.5%
Wine Style Red Wine

Where is red Electra wine made?

Madera, California

Have you tried the Red Electra Moscato in our Pursuit of Sweetness Room? This sweet wine is made by one of our favorite producers, Quady Winery. Located in Madera, California, it’s a small family business that is owned and operated by the Quady family; Andy, his wife Laurel, and their kids, Herb and Allie.

Is red Electra wine sweet?

Sweet, Garnet red with a slight spritz and full of succulent cherry, berry, and peach flavors, there’s no mistaking the immediate allure of Red Electra Moscato. Red Electra offers the perfect balance of sweet and tart, like biting into a juicy ripe summer peach.

What is red Electra?

Red Electra is made by combining Orange and Black Muscat grapes, and fermenting them very slowly at a low temperature so they keep their delicious flavors. That’s why Red Electra tastes like a bowl full of cherries. Red Electra makes delectable sangria and sorbet.

What is Moscato red wine?

Red Moscato is a sweet red wine with plenty of ripe berry flavors — think raspberries, strawberries, and cherries. If you’re not always a fan of heavy, savory red wines, red Moscato might be the red wine for you. Red Moscato is often a blend of Muscat grapes and Syrah (Shiraz) or Zinfandel.

What is in Moscato wine?

Moscato is a style of wine made from muscat grapes. It’s famous for sweet flavours of peaches and orange blossom and because it’s lower in alcohol than other sparkling wines.

What type of wine is Electra Moscato?

Electra is a Moscato d’Asti style picnic wine for drinking outside, in warm weather, chilled or on the rocks. Pair it with fresh fruit, salads, spicy Asian and Indian foods, burgers with sweet sauce, light desserts, blue skies and fresh air. And with only 4.5% alcohol, you can still play volleyball after the picnic.

What is a red sweet wine?

Sweet (fruity) Red Wines

Sweet wines have residual sugar that is left after fermentation. Fruity wines are dry wines (no residual sugar) with aromas and tastes of fruits like cherry, raspberry, plum, or blackberry to name a few. When you drink these red wines, they may seem pleasantly sweet to you.