Metal band beers in Finland

KorpiklaaniKorpiklaani are Finland’s rowdiest Humppa-Metal band and “Beer, Beer” is their personal ode to their prefered amber-colored thirst quencher.

Why are there so many heavy metal bands in Finland?

People have speculated that the climate in Finland, which is characterized by cold, and sometimes severe, winters and relatively warm summers, has contributed to the population’s disproportionately high interest in heavier forms of rock.

Is metal music popular in Finland?

A 2012 heat map shows that Finland is the world leader in terms of metal bands per capita, with 53.2 metal bands per 100,000 people. Considering this level of enthusiasm, it’s no surprise that Finnish metal is extremely popular not just within the country’s borders, but to a global music audience as well.

Is Finland the most metal country?

The Nordic areas seem to rule in terms of the highest proportion of heavy metal bands to residents. Finland leads the list of countries by far with 53.2 heavy metal bands per 100,000 residents. Sweden is the second most dense country with 37.14 metal bands per 100,000 residents.

What is the best beer in Finland?

Most important Finnish beers

  • Karhu.
  • Karjala.
  • Koff.
  • Lapin Kulta.
  • Olvi.
  • Sandels.
  • Kukko.

Does Finland like metal?

The Finnish metal scene is huge. With 70 metal bands per 100,000 people, Finland is the most metal nation in Europe. The country hosts a number of metal festivals every year, especially during summer. A record 43,000 metalheads attended the popular Tuska festival in 2019 where a total of 46 bands performed.