Looking for smooth handled bar spoon w/ muddler

Can you use a bar spoon to muddle?

The Cocktail Spoon with Disc

The circular end can be used to muddle and mash fruit or used to layer drinks when pouring liquid down the spiralled stem.

Why do bartenders use a twisted spoon?

The twisted handle assists in building visually attractive “stacked” or layered drinks and shots, known as pousse cafe. Gently pouring alcohol and other liquids over the twist eases them into the glass and, with practice, into their own layer.

What is a muddler spoon?

A muddler spoon has a long spiral handle that gently mixes the drink and a grooved muddler that crushes herbs and other ingredients. This is an essential bar tool to have if you want to achieve that beautifully layered margarita or mojito.

What is the best length bar spoon?

Look for a bar spoon that’s at least 10 inches in length, so there’s adequate room for your hand to stir in a tall mixing glass or highball. Ideally, the material should be a non-reactive metal so it can be used with acidic ingredients like citrus, and won’t absorb flavors or odors.

How many types of bar spoons are there?

three basic

Today, three basic styles of exist. The American bar spoon has a twisted handle and, usually, a plastic cap on the end, the European bar spoon has a flat muddler/crusher, and the Japanese bar spoon is heavier with a weighted teardrop shape opposite the bowl.

What does bruising mean in bartending?

So what is “bruising” (the gin, or vodka or rum…)? Bruising simply refers to diluting the liquor with the melted ice (water) thus making the drink weaker. Those who prefer their cocktails shaken like this because it makes for a more smooth drink.

What is the purpose of a bar spoon?

A bar spoon is a long-handled spoon used for mixing and layering spirits.

How do you twirl a bar spoon?

Quote from video: So when you're in this position you can come around here. And then push it around your thumb. Sometimes it may slide out a position like this but just try again alright.

What is bartender spoon?

The bar spoon is one of the most underrated yet most necessary tools found behind the bar. Bar spoons allow bartenders to mix drinks and integrate ingredients together in a method different to that of shaking. There are a few types of bar spoons available, yet the basic functionality of them is the same.