In the 1980’s what kind of restaurants were in john’s pass madeira beach florida

Why is it called John’s Pass?

The “Pass”, as locals refer to it, was created by a hurricane on September 27, 1848. A pirate, John Levique, made the first passage through the newly created pass. Hence the name, Johns Pass.

Who owns Johns Pass?

tycoon Ben Mallah

– A large portion of John’s Pass has a new owner, the outspoken real estate tycoon Ben Mallah. “It is probably… one of the largest tourist attractions we have in this area,” Mallah told FOX 13’s Josh Cascio.

When was Madeira Beach Florida founded?


Madeira Beach was incorporated in 1947. Tourists began coming to enjoy the beach, and several small motels were built in the early days.

Can you walk around Johns Pass with alcohol?

Currently, drinking alcohol while walking around John’s Pass is illegal. It could result in a fine or or possibly an arrest.

How Deep Is John’s Pass?

Navigating the Water:

The controlling depth in Johns Pass is 14 feet, but generally, in and around the Johns Pass Bascule Bridge (25-foot closed vertical clearance), you will find depths more typically in the six-foot-deep area.

Why is John’s Pass closing?

“John’s Pass is at serious risk. We have a huge safety concern and we have a huge water concern. At this point, businesses are considering leaving John’s Pass because of the sand issue,” said Cpt.

How much did Johns Pass sell for?

$17.2 million

MADEIRA BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) – A local developer has big plans for one of Pinellas County’s most popular tourist destinations. The Marina at John’s Pass has reportedly sold for $17.2 million. The buyer is Ben Mallah, a principal of Equity Management Partners.

Who is Mallah’s wife?

Mallah is married to Karla Nila. The two met when Karla was only 14, and Ben was 34.