How to shotgun beer

Shotgunning is a means of consuming a beverage, especially beer, very quickly by punching a hole in the side of the can, near the bottom, placing the mouth over the hole, and pulling the tab to open the top. The beverage quickly drains, and is quickly consumed.

What’s the trick to shotgunning a beer?

Shotgunning a beer bottle: Strawpedoing

  1. Open your beer bottle and insert a flexible straw into the bottle.
  2. Bend your straw so it folds over the lip of the bottle. The straw will allow air into the bottle, making the beer to flow out of the bottle easily.
  3. Tilt your head back and chug that beer!

How long does it take to shotgun a beer?

Red: “My career average has been clocked somewhere between 4.5-6 seconds, depending on the situation.” Guy: “The first couple are races against your boys to display your time, ability, and form;” “Should take about 2-5 seconds.”

Do you swallow when you shotgun a beer?

Relax your throat and hold your breath.

As the contents of your glass enter your mouth, do not swallow. Instead, allow your throat to relax and the beer to flow directly into your stomach. Let gravity do the work for you.

Why do you shotgun beers?

What Is The Science Behind Shotgunning Beer? Drinking from the can causes the flow of air into the can to be slowed down even more. As a result, shotgunning adds an additional mole of air into the can top, which then increases the pressure within, causing the beer to rush out of the bottom hole even more quickly.

How do you chug beer fast?

Quote from video: It you want to swallow. It right when it hits the back of your throat. And then just keep on going. So it's going to look a little something. Like. This do the burp. All right so that burp.

How do I get better at shotgunning?

Shotgunning beer is supposed to be fun – so keep it that way by not overdoing it. Remember that you’ll be drinking beer far more quickly than usual. That means the alcohol will hit your bloodstream faster and take effect faster too. Set yourself a limit before you start drinking, and stick to it.

How do you shotgun a beer without spraying it?

Tilt the beer

Tilt the beer horizontally so that you can poke a whole where your mouth goes. Make sure the bottom part of the can is a little higher so that there’s an air bubble. When you poke the air pocket, it prevents the beer from spraying everywhere.

How do I learn to chug?

Quote from video: You want to just literally pour the fluid down your throat. And it should go down your esophagus the state ain't. So well you're essentially doing by exhaling all the air out of your lungs.

Does chugging beer make you drunker?

Chugging rather than sipping will increase your BAC faster and cause you to feel drunker. How much food is in your stomach. Food in your stomach slows the absorption of alcohol. If you drink on an empty stomach, the alcohol is absorbed more rapidly, causing you to feel it faster and harder.

How do you chug beer without stopping?

Hold Your Breath

This will keep the highway to your belly wide open. “Take a deep breath right before you place the cup or bottle to your lips, and, whatever you do, make sure not to breathe in while chugging,” says Kent. “You need to free up your mouth space for chugging, and chugging only.

How do you drink a pint in one gulp?

If you are going to drink a pint, lean back slightly, open your throat, and take a deep breath. Make sure the beer reaches your throat as you swing the glass. By swallowing just before the beer hits your throat, you will essentially just drink the liquid.

How do you swirl a beer?

Quote from video: And i'm pretty sure the technique is like you don't open your whole mouth.

How do you vortex a beer bottle?

Quote from video: Completely covers the mouth of the bottle. It's going to stop flowing it's going to create a bubble and it's going to explode back through the bubble causing it to kind of dump out in a weird.

How long should you Vortex water?

The process takes 3,3 to 7,3 minutes. The water is ready, when the bubbles have settled after about 10 minutes. The water quality reaches its highest after 4 hours, when the hydrogen molecules have stabilized after the process.

What are the steps to Vortex?

Try This:

  1. Fill one of the bottles about 2/3 full with water, place the washer on the mouth of this bottle.
  2. Next invert the second bottle onto the washer and tape them together firmly.
  3. Turn the two bottles over so the full one is on top. …
  4. Set the bottles down and watch the vortex form.