How to make your own wine glass charms

How do you make custom wine charms?


  1. Start out by making a template with friends names on it. …
  2. Trace the circles with pencil.
  3. Trace the names (or words) with Sharpie markers. …
  4. Cut them out. …
  5. Punch a hole in them.
  6. Shrink them according to package instructions.
  7. Add them to the wine charm ring and add a bead!

How do you make a wine glass name tag?

Quote from video: I'm gonna use these flat needlenose pliers I guess our flat head pliers. And I'm gonna take the edge that hooks into the ring. And I'm going to straighten. It so that I can put my beads on easily.

How do you make a wine glass ring?

wet fingertip

  1. Hold the empty wine glass on a tabletop at the base of the stem with one hand.
  2. Wet the index or middle finger of your other hand with some water.
  3. Lightly rub your wet finger along the rim of the glass.
  4. As you rub the glass, you will hear the “singing” sound of the glass.

How do you make homemade charms?

Quote from video: Begin by gathering bright colored beads a lot of mine have a novelty factor to them so bird-shaped evil eyes heart shapes stars moons just things that are fun and cheerful.

How do you make memory wire charms out of wine glasses?

Quote from video: I'll actually kind of demonstrate that here for you just so you can see that this little wire piece kind of just comes apart and stays nice in its shape. And I've added some 6o seed beads. So let me