How to make a vodka martini without dry vermouth

Can I make a martini without dry vermouth?

What Can I Use Instead Of Vermouth In Martini? A dry sherry can be used to replace dry vermouth in some cocktails, such as martinis. The dry sherry is a good alternative to sweet drinks for people who don’t like sweet drinks.

What can I substitute for dry vermouth in a martini?

The best dry vermouth substitute? Dry white wine. Any variety of dry white is a great match for flavor, though dry vermouth is a little less punchy in its flavor. It works in a martini: but you’ll want the driest wine possible.

Can you have a dirty martini without vermouth?

Of course, I immediately tried to re-create it at home, and for some reason it never quite tasted the same. Until I finally realized the key to the BEST Dirty Martini is no vermouth! This recipe couldn’t be more simple… just 2 ingredients + ice… and it makes exactly the kind of Dirty Martini we all crave.

What is a vodka martini without vermouth called?

Bone-dry: a martini made with extremely little or no vermouth. Kangaroo: another name for a vodka martini.

What can replace vermouth in a recipe?

Vinegar. Use vinegar to mimic the acidic quality of dry vermouth. White-wine vinegar most closely resembles the taste of dry vermouth. However, depending on the dish you plan to make, other vinegars, like balsamic and red-wine vinegar, may also work.

Can I substitute white wine for vermouth in a recipe?

Don’t have it? You can almost always substitute dry Vermouth for white wine (a handy substitution since an opened bottle of Vermouth lasts longer than an opened bottle of white wine). Lemon juice or even white wine vinegar can substitute for wine when just a splash is called for, but use a tiny bit less.