How to make a beer box cowboy hat

How many beer boxes does it take to make a cowboy hat?

One of the craziest (and most popular) upcycling craft projects on the Internet right now is the “Beer Box Cowboy Hat”. This project takes two cardboard beer cases (a 12 pack and 24 pack, respectively) and turns it into a funky chapeau that is definitely a conversation starter.

How do you make a cowboy hat from the white claw box?

Quote from video: And so what I did is I just took five variety pack boxes I peel the label off re inherited onto a poster board with my template that I have where I can rearrange the the logos to where.

How do you make a beer hat?

Quote from video: Four cut the cylinder width wise into two equal sized pieces. Step. 5 cut to five inch strips of tape and tape them over one open side of each cylinder. Making a loop to hold the cans in place.

How do you make a cowboy hat out of fabric?

Quote from video: Fold it over into a triangle. Cut I need it to fit onto my roll so I'm going to just make little cuts. With one of the strips I'm going to add some glue.

How do you make a 12 pack beer hat?

Quote from video: So I'm gonna try and see what kind of fancy schmancy thing I can finagle out of a 12 pack so we'll give this a shot. So the bottom of the brim might have these little gaps in it.

How do you make a beer carton hat?

Quote from video: Comes straight down six inches come down an inch and a half same thing on the other side come down six inches come down one inch and a half while I'm on the side cut and connect.

How do you make a drinking hat?

Quote from video: So two hoses left. And right and this will be going in the back of your head this is gonna be good drinking hose. So I gotta melt this on. Top.

How do you make a white claw box visor?

Quote from video: Hey everybody and welcome to 2021 today i'm going to show you a video of how i make a visor out of a 12 pack white claw.

How do you make a knight helmet out of a beer box?

Quote from video: Enjoy so i start off by cutting this shape out of a large piece of cardboard with a bunch of slits at the top and notice how it's kind of rounded. This will eventually be the back of the head.

How do you make a helmet out of a box?

Use tape to secure your cardboard strip in a circle that fits snugly around your child’s head. Then cut two more strips of cardboard, taping them inside the circle and crossing in the middle (as seen in the picture below). Be sure these two strips sit high enough that your child’s head can still fit inside the helmet.

How do you make a cardboard helmet?

Quote from video: Cut a very small circle of cardboard like that and glue it over. Here. Next cut an opening on the back. Over. Here and make it wider with a small tool like that.