How to distill beer

Re: Can I distill old beer to get the alcohol out of it? Depends on how much hops are in the beer, it’ll come over in the distillate. If you decide to try, be sure to degas the beer before you start.

What liquor is distilled from beer?


In a very basic sense, whiskey is distilled beer. In fact, the fermented mash slated for distillation is sometimes called “distiller’s beer” — not that you’d want to drink it. But whiskey can be produced from finished beer. California’s Charbay Distillery has famously been making whiskey from beer for over two decades.

How do you make whiskey beer?

Quote from video: It's made from their own Russian Imperial Stout and as they've run it through the second distillation the vapors are run through a gym basket containing hops.