How to design a beer label

Your beer label should include:

  1. the name and logo of the brewery.
  2. the name of the beer class and type.
  3. the alcohol content level.
  4. net contents (e.g. “12 oz”)
  5. a featured image for the beer.
  6. a special typography that’s both on-brand and unique to that particular type of beer.

What should I write on a beer label?

What you should have on beer bottle labels

  1. Brand name. The most prominent information is featured on your beer bottle label. …
  2. Country of origin. …
  3. Draft or draught. …
  4. Class designation. …
  5. Alcohol content. …
  6. Name & address. …
  7. Net contents. …
  8. Lite / light / low carb.

What size should a beer label be?

To make these decisions, you’ll want to start with your budget and then determine what’s important. Standard beer bottle label sizes are 2.75” x 4.25”, 3.25” x 4” and 5” x 2.” Another consideration is the type of bottle: 12 oz.

How do I make a beer label in Photoshop?

Quote from video: You can leave the color mode set to RGB 8-bit is fine and the background. Content set to white now let's also go ahead and just give our file a name now the name of our label.

How do you make cans labels?

Quote from video: And like clear labels you can use a white under printing to give opacity to key design elements like logos. Text and graphics. Now if your packaging in aluminum cans.

How do I print beer labels at home?

Simply print a sheet of labels, cut them to size, and moisten the adhesive to affix them to your bottles. For a true DIY solution, milk is a surprisingly effective, if somewhat unusual, adhesive. It sounds strange, but it works! Just print your labels on standard paper and brush a thin coat of milk on the backs.

Which beer bottle label features a key?

Beck’s beer (produced by Brauerei Beck & Co., part of Anheuser-Busch InBev) is brewed in Bremen, Germany, and features a coat of arms with a silver key (the so-called Bremen key) on a red background in mirror image to the coat of arms of the city of Bremen.

How are beer labels printed?

Quote from video: On their application and end use bottles hitting each other on the bottling line it's part of the trade. That's why your labels should be rub and scratch resistant.

Can label design dimensions?

The standard size aluminum can in the U. S. is 12 fl. ounces. This can is 2.12 inches in diameter and 4.75 inches tall. Which makes it perfect for our standard beer label which is 4 inches wide by 3.5 inches high.

Can labels design size?

Get organized with a well-designed and properly sized Canva label that adds personality to your personal things and products.

Label sizes.

Graphic Size
Wine Label 3.5 × 4 in
Beer Label 4 × 3 in
Water Bottle Label (16 oz) 8 × 2 in
Water Bottle Label (8 or 12 oz) 8.25 × 1.75 in

How do I make labels in illustrator?

Quote from video: So if you click on the little artboard tool on the left side. You will have the artboard properties here on the right side. So you can click Edit artboards. And here you can adjust the size.

How do I print labels in illustrator?

Quote from video: You can also use the grip option at the top here. If you didn't have you realize a per and press command or control R. You can right-click the rulers to change the measurement values.

How do you make labels from bottles in Illustrator?

Quote from video: Using a program that you're comfortable with to make your artwork. And then save those as PNG Zoar just like a flat image file and then import that into this template in Illustrator.

How do you put labels on beer bottles?

Quote from video: Make sure it's sticking nice and tight wiping off any extra milk if you leave a lot of extra milk in the label. They can start to stink.

How do you print waterproof labels?

Quote from video: Our weatherproof labels work pretty much like any other label material all you have to do is stick them in the printer.

How do you label bottles?

Quote from video: Lightly press it down lift it off the platform. Turn it and press. It's that simple your labels are straight on every time.