How much beer in a half barrel

124 pints165 12oz bottles – (Full Size Keg) 1/4 barrel = 7.75 gallons = 62 pints = 83 12oz bottles (Pony Keg) 1/6 barrel (20 Ltr) = 5.2 gallons = 41 pints = 55 12oz bottles (Sixtel)

How many cups is a 1/2 keg?

19.8 Liters equal 55 Glasses, each glass measured in 12 oz. 7.75 Gallons pours 82 Glasses, each glass measure in 12 oz. 15.5 Gallons pours 165 Classes, each glass measure in 12 oz. By standard U.S. keg size measurements, 1/2 bbl kegs total to 15.5 gallons or 165 12 oz.

How many 12 oz pours in a half barrel?

The full half keg, also known as a half barrel keg, has 124 16-ounce pints of beer or 165 12-ounce cans of beer.

How much does a half keg serve?

Keg sizes

Size of Keg Number of 12-Ounce Servings Number of 8-Ounce Servings
Sixth barrel “mini” keg (5.16 gallons) 55 82
Quarter barrel/Pony keg (7.75 gallons) 82 124
Half barrel (15.5 gallons) 165 248

How many 14 oz beers are in a half barrel?

Half Barrel

beers from it, or 124 16 oz. beers. If for some bizarre reason you’re buying a keg to fill growlers, you can fill 31 of them (of the standard 64 oz. variety) with a half barrel before you’ll run out of beer.

Is a keg cheaper than cans?

Why Buy a Kegerator? When you buy a kegerator for your home, you’re not only able to conveniently store large amounts of cold draft beer, but you can also save approximately 40-60% in costs, compared to buying the same volume of beer in cans or bottles.

How many 16 oz pours in a half barrel?

124 16

There are 124 16-ounce pints or 165 12-ounce cans or bottles in a full half keg, also called a half barrel keg.

How many glasses of beer are in a half keg?

It takes 75 Gallons to fill 82 Glasses, each measuring 12 ounces. With 5 gallons, 165 glasses of 12 oz each can be poured. Based on U.S. standards. Including all 1/2 bbl kegs, there are 15 in total.

How many ounces is a 1/2 barrel keg?

How Many Beers In A Keg?

Cornelius Keg Half Barrel Keg
Capacity (gal / oz / L) 5.0 gal 640 oz 18.93L 15.5 gal 1,984 oz 58.67L
Pints (16 oz) 40 124
Bottles / Cans (12oz) 53 165
Growlers (64 oz) 10 31