How deep is a wine fridge

A wine cabinet’s depth largely depends on the cabinet’s contents; the wine racking used, cooling system, lights, insulation, and more. On average, the interior depth of a wine cabinet is around 24-inches, 27-inches, or 29-inches.

What is the standard size of a wine fridge?

The majority of 15-inch and 18-inch wine fridges are made with front exhaust and can be built into existing cabinetry. Medium to Large (24-Inch Wine Fridges): The most popular category of wine fridges, medium to large capacity wine coolers are approximately 24-inches in width and house 40 to 100+ bottles of wine.

How deep is a built in beverage fridge?

Depth: 18″ – 21.9″ Beverage Centers.

How much space do you need around a wine fridge?

We strongly suggest leaving a gap of 2 to 3 inches on each side of the cooler as well as on top and in the back to create the needed airflow around the unit.

How wide is a built in wine fridge?

Nominal Height: 35 in. Nominal Width: 24 in.

How deep is a bar fridge?

Dimensions are generally around 20-by-18 inches and 20 inches deep. A compact fridge can hold larger bottles, such as 2-liter and 750 ml bottles of wine, as well as cans and 12-oz. bottles and a modest amount of food.