Home Bar – Marry Two Bottles of Different Brands?

Can you mix two different brands of alcohol?

Contrary to popular belief, simply mixing different types of alcohol is unlikely to make you sick–drinking a beer and a gin and tonic will probably have the same effect on your body as sticking to one type of alcoholic beverage.

Is it OK to mix two brands of vodka?

While there may be some spirits that may be okay to mix almost all spirits have distinct differences between brands. Vodka: if you have plain vodkas, designed to have as little taste as possible, and just add alcohol to fruit juices etc, these will be good to mix.

Can I mix two different brands of tequila?

Is It Okay To Mix Different Tequilas? Obviously, if a bottle has words like mixed or mixed then it is for mixing and shouldn’t be drunk on its own unless you want to feel like you were hit by a truck the next morning. The kind of tequila you like is up to you; it just comes down to your personal taste.

Can you combine two bottles of alcohol?

Marrying bottles is illegal in all 50 States and by most Liquor Control Boards and Laws throughout the world. Marrying bottles is only one step away from a more nefarious practice of refilling and reusing liquor bottle.

Is it safe to mix two different brands whiskey?

No. Both are ethanol based and any dissolved compounds in either would continue to be dissolved in the mix of two whiskeys. No separations would occur.

Can you mix two whiskeys together?

Start small and blend by type: Mix bourbons with other bourbons or ryes. Try single-malts with grains and blends from Scotland. A small amount of a smoky scotch, such as Bunnahabhain, is merely another flavor component. It could also yield a smoky Manhattan or Old-Fashioned.

Can you mix 2 types of gin?

And you can same the better gin for sipping straight, instead of drowning its flavor in vermouth and watering it down with meltwater. Mixing two gins strikes me as similar. If you like two gins and want to see what a fusion of their flavors would be, go for it.