Cling labels for beer bottles

How do you stick labels onto beer bottles?

Quote from video: Make sure it's sticking nice and tight wiping off any extra milk if you leave a lot of extra milk in the label.

How do you print beer bottle labels at home?

Simply print a sheet of labels, cut them to size, and moisten the adhesive to affix them to your bottles. For a true DIY solution, milk is a surprisingly effective, if somewhat unusual, adhesive. It sounds strange, but it works! Just print your labels on standard paper and brush a thin coat of milk on the backs.

How do you make beer labels?

Your beer label should include:

  1. the name and logo of the brewery.
  2. the name of the beer class and type.
  3. the alcohol content level.
  4. net contents (e.g. “12 oz”)
  5. a featured image for the beer.
  6. a special typography that’s both on-brand and unique to that particular type of beer.

What makes a good craft beer label?

Ensure that the colors are consistent with the brand identity, match them with product flavors or use a pop of color against a white or black background, as Misterio does for its craft beer variety. Make sure to consider the colors of the beer and the bottle, as it can significantly impact your label look.

How do you stick a label to glass?

Use whole milk or 2% to wet the back of the label. Then just stick it to clean glass. (I’ve read that skim milk doesn’t work well, but haven’t tried it. It’s probably similar to using just water: the label clings while wet but falls off when dry.)

How do you stick paper labels to glass?

Print out labels on ordinary white printing paper and cut them out. With a brush or the back of a spoon, brush wheatpaste thinly onto the back of the label. Make sure the glass is free from grease.

What are beer labels printed on?

We recommend BOPP material for beer labels. It’s the most popular choice for food products because it is oil-resistant, waterproof, and refrigerator-safe. White vinyl is also a good option because it’s durable and waterproof.

What size is a beer label?

To make these decisions, you’ll want to start with your budget and then determine what’s important. Standard beer bottle label sizes are 2.75” x 4.25”, 3.25” x 4” and 5” x 2.” Another consideration is the type of bottle: 12 oz.